Seniors must turn in their Marching Uniforms by April 28th!

Please take your uniform to a dry cleaner to have it cleaned. We suggest Zips because they are fast and inexpensive. But, take your uniform to a dry cleaner you trust and who is convenient for you. Uniforms should be returned in the dry cleaner's plastic wrap with the dated receipt stapled to the plastic so that we know it is a recent cleaning. Students who return unclean uniforms will have a (not inexpensive) cleaning service fee charged to their school account. Once cleaned.... Please return the uniform to the racks in the band room The complete uniform (Pants, jacket, hat, citation cord) must be returned by the deadline. All Students who have not returned uniforms by the deadline will have their names sent to the school bookkeeper to be charged the full cost of a replacement uniform which is over $600. Students who do not return uniforms or pay the replacement cost will not be able to graduate. All school accounts must be settled before graduation. Please be good stewards of the Marching Unit property for future band members. If you like----Follow tradition and put a note in the pocket of the jacket for a future band member to find. A "Welcome to MTHMU" note is a super way for Freshman to feel connected to something important at Hebron.

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